Emerging Trends in Payments Capture & Clearing

Wednesday, March 7 – Thursday, March 8, 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Attendees at Payments in Transition 2007 gained real-world, actionable business strategies from some of the most prominent companies in payments processing and financial services: Federal Reserve Bank, Regulus, REMITCO, Communications Data Services, Fidelity, Metavante, Countrywide, Creditron, Alogent, FISC, Wells Fargo, and more.

This was the most strategic conference of its kind for business, operations, IT and product strategists responsible for payments and cash management within an organization. The program included these valuable sessions:

  • Keynote address by the Federal Reserve on industry changes and their potential impact on payment and remittance processing
  • Remote Deposit Capture Deployment
  • Managing the Changing Payments Mix
  • State of the Lockbox Market
  • Back Office Conversion (BOC) Workflows
  • Case Studies (and site tours) from Bank of Nevada and City of North Las Vegas
  • Maximizing Check 21 Benefits
  • The Convergence of Returns Processing

And more!

The program was dedicated helping attendees maximize their organization’s payments capture and clearing, regardless of the payment type. Whether it’s paper checks, emerging electronic payment mechanisms, or Check 21, this conference covered it all!

Conerence Agenda


8:30 – 9:30 am Keynote Address: Insights into the Payments Future

Mark Kielman, Industry Relationship Manager, Federal Reserve Bank

This session took a high level look at emerging trends and provided insights into the vision of the payments future. Attendees heard about industry changes and their potential impact payment and remittance processing. They also got some insight into products and services that should be considered by organizations involved in originating or processing payments.

9:45 – 11:15 am The Changing Payments Mix
Alenka Grealish, Celent, LLC

This high-level presentation provided a state-of-the-industry analysis of the changing payments mix and its impact on corporate billers. The session provided a forecast of how key business operations and processes are expected to change to handle these changes. Finally, the speaker explored how industry practitioners can play a strategic role in advancing their company’s transition to more efficient payment processing models.

11:30 – 12:30 pm State of the Lockbox Market: A Town Hall Meeting

Nancy Gessman , Vice President, Communications Data Services, Inc.

Kathi Plymouth, Director, Product & Marketing, First Data Corporation/REMITCO

Serena Smith, Senior Vice President, Fidelity National Information Services

Attendees wondering what the future might hold for lockbox processing attended a lively town hall meeting, bringing together the top dogs from four of the largest third-party lockbox providers – REMITCO, Regulus, Fidelity and CDS – who shared their opinions on the challenges and trends likely to impact the lockbox arena, and what organizations can do to prepare … and even cash in.

12:30 – 1:30 pm Lunch in Exhibit Area


Back Office Conversion Workflows: Evaluating the Models

Terry Stepanik, President and COO, U.S. Dataworks, Inc

Cheryl Gurz, Vice President, HSBC Bank

NACHA’s Back-Office Conversion eliminates many of the operational barriers that have prevented retailers and billers with walk-in payments from taking full advantage of check conversion for over-the-counter transactions. Is BOC as simple as taking the checks and running them through a scanner in the backroom? It can be. But there are more deposit processing scenarios to be considered. This session covered some of the workflows in play in the marketplace, examine benefits or each, and help you evaluate which model may make sense for your organization. Returned item considerations were also be addressed.

Electronic Check Clearing Made Easy – Case Studies on Check 21

Mark Kielman, Industry Relationship Manager, Federal Reserve Bank

Attendees heard about the growth of electronic receipts and how it is taking costs out of the check clearing system and enabling institutions to maximize Check 21 benefits as well as share the financial institution’s Check 21 value calculator and computations for their business. The session also explored current electronic presentment statistics, emerging trends and future projections for adoption.


City of North Las Vegas – Cutting Edge Remittance Payment Technology for a Local Government Office

Steve Parnell, Product Marketing Manager, Remittance Solutions, Metavante Image Solutions

Will Riggs, Financial Analyst, City of North Las Vegas

Rapid changes in technology, regulations, and customer payment preferences have made it challenging for local government offices to accelerate their collection of receivables while simultaneously containing payment processing costs. This session showcased the City of North Las Vegas and its journey to migrate to electronic payments for remittance processing. Speakers discussed the advantages of implementing a fully integrated payment processing platform that handles any type of remittance transaction received as well as all the emerging payment mechanisms such as Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC), truncation, check image exchange, and substitute checks.

Remote Deposit Capture: Delivering the ROI

Shawn B. Kruger, Director, Business Development, Imaged Payment Technologies Group, Open Solutions Inc.

There are many drivers for implementing remote deposit capture including maintaining a competitive offering with the top banks, reducing transportation costs, improving funds availability and expanding the processing window for your customers. But does remote deposit capture really deliver a return on your investment? Walk through all of the variables to consider in building your business case, selecting a vendor and defining your project plan. Gain an understanding of what the real impact to the bottom line will be and everyone in your organization that will be affected.


Handling Images Instead of Paper for “Day 2” Activities

John Black, First Vice President, Cash Management, Countrywide Home Loans

As the payments industry becomes more “image-friendly”, and banks continue to increase the usage of image exchange, they are going to begin to either offer, or possibly mandate the exchange of images for “Day 2” items with their corporate customers. How will you integrate that function? Has your remittance applications solution provider discussed an integration strategy. How will any new procedures for image exchange affect your current image archive? What happens to ARC and the respective ACH-based items?

This session helped to lay the foundation for the questions that need to be answered as the product roadmaps are developed and end-user customers plot the impacts of a high-volume image exchange platform between banks, while still potentially moving a large volume of ARC-eligible items through the ACH network. The format of the session consisted of numerous topics presented by the moderator, with audience interaction and dialogue required to help provide early documentation on the needs of the remittance/lockbox operations and solutions providers.

An Image Lockbox Success Story: Bank of Nevada

Kim Masias, IT Support Officer, Bank of Nevada

Wally Vogel, President, Creditron Corporation

As part of its commitment to customer service, Bank of Nevada made the decision in late 2004 to purchase an in-house IT solution to deliver local lockbox services. Previously, only lockbox processors in Arizona and California served Nevada, which meant an out-of-state mailing address for payments and frequent delays in funds availability. Through Bank of Nevada’s investment in an image lockbox, the bank has quickly grown its lockbox volume to more than 100,000 items a month. And a unique module in the bank’s system automatically processes matched or balanced payments in the first pass; only exceptions are out-sorted to a second pass for image data completion. The bank’s current lockbox volume includes utility payments, HOA dues, medical payments, lease payments, and basic accounts receivables transactions. This presentation detailed how the bank selected its lockbox system, how it markets the service, and the benefits the bank has seen.

5:00 – 6:00 pm Cocktail Reception in Exhibit area


Operations Site Tours

City of North Las Vegas or Bank of Nevada

Operations Site Tour at Bank of Nevada

Thursday, March 8; 7:30 – 10:00 am

Bank of Nevada processes approximately 75,000 checks and 30,000 documents per month utilizing OPEX, NCR and Toshiba equipment together with Creditron remittance processing software.

Operations Site Tour at City of North Las Vegas
Thursday, March 8; 9:00 – 11:00 am

This site processes utility payments utilizing the OPEX 51 Mail Extractor,
Canon CR 180s and Canon DR 2050 Flatbed Full page scanner, ImageVision Remittance (DREAM, CHADD), Enterprise Item Archive, xVision/ICL. Daily average lockbox volume is 1500 + 200 drop-box + 260 in mail.

11:00 – 12:00 pm Emerging Payments: Trends, Opportunities and Threats

(Open to all conference attendees and PCC members)

Scott Peterson, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo

The session overviewed the current payments landscape, highlight major trends in instruments, volumes and marketplaces and then will discuss how these trends offer both opportunities and challenges for the financial institutions and alliance partner. The speaker also discussed how to develop a plan for matrix payment channel management and manage all the options for best funds availability.

1:30 – 2:30 pm Ready, Set, Click! A Credit Union’s-eye View of How to Implement a Remote Deposit Automation Solution

(Open to all conference attendees and PCC members.
Conference adjourns at 2:30)

Robert Coyan, Senior VP, Corporate One Federal Credit Union

Frank Cavanaugh, Alogent Corp.

Making the strategic decision to adopt remote deposit automation is one thing. Moving from internal justification and acceptance of this strategy to a successful implementation is another. In this case study session, one end-user teamed up with a remote deposit solution provider to explain the process from beginning to results. Attendees learned how this credit union accomplished their objectives from solution evaluation, building ROI parameters and a business case, the details of implementation, specific challenges and how they were overcome, and their results to date.


Biz Tech Solutions, Inc.

Contact: Doug Gruver


BizTech Solutions, Inc. is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and “best of breed” systems integrator for Work Process Automation and Web Business Solutions. Our capture solutions combine workflow, content management, information capture, and custom application development to fit your business environment, enabling you to eliminate data entry and streamline work processes across the enterprise. From Remittance specifics to general MICR/OCR/ICR/barcode recognition, BizTech Solutions’ expert business analysts and technical staff succeed in providing solutions that change complex, labor intensive activities into easy-to-use, measurable tasks that reduce overhead and improve corporate compliance. Let BizTech Solutions, Inc. be your trusted integration advisor.

Data Management Products



DMP Payment Systems provides leading edge image-based item and payment processing solutions. DMP’s integraPAY® Framework is a suite of solutions for processing payments; wholesale, wholetail, and retail. integraPAY modules offer multiple channels of distribution of captured data and images, such as, FAX, e-mail, internet, CD, or DVD. DMP has partnering programs with NCR,
Unisys, OPEX, IBML, and others to provide item/image transport technology. Combining superior products, DMP and its partners provide the financial industry increased productivity, high reliability, expandable design, open architecture solutions and direct cost savings. More than 39 million payments a month are processed on DMP’s integraPAY solution.

EKG of South Carolina

Tripp Koon, Product Specialist
PO Box 9097, Columbia SC, 29209

EKG of South Carolina develops customized comprehensive training programs that equip back office managers and associates to be a best in class model. With over 20 years experience, we meet and work with your staff to set goals, restructure process methods, and create effective and long lasting skills based training modules that will make virtually any operation or process soar. Typically clients can expect a 30% increase in productivity and errors cut by half. Call today and ask us how our time tested methods work for bottom line results.

Exact Data


ExactData, LLC is a private company providing forms processing
data accuracy improvement products and services. We have established
strategic alliances with such companies as ADI, LCC to
help customers and their integration channels produce the most
accurate and efficient data capture systems. Our team is comprised
of recognized industry experts in this highly specialized
field with an average of 14 years experience. Our technical experts
include two Doctorates, four individuals with Master of Science
Degrees, and eight with Bachelor of Science Degrees. Technical
expertise includes digital print on demand, image capture, content
management, image management, forms design, character
recognition and color science. Our staff also maintains a close
working relationship with the world’s foremost imaging scientists
with easy access to extensive university capabilities.


John Fessler, CEO

4110 Sorrento Valley Blvd.,
Suite A San Diego, CA 92121

(858) 866-0144



HERAE is an industry-leading provider of HIPAA-compliant payment systems. HERAE processes HIPAA 835 transactions, facilitates the posting, routing and reporting of explanation of benefits (EOBs) and automates money transactions from health insurers to healthcare providers electronically. HERAE’s unique system provides healthcare providers with secure, online, HIPAA-compliant access to their EOBs and the ability to quickly route claims without the need to photocopy portions of claims, or search for the paper-based originals. HERAE’s extensive reporting capabilities can improve performance throughout the practice. Implementing the HERAE system will improve collections, reduce the chance for fraud, and dramatically improve billing-to-deposit time.

J&B Software, Inc.

Email: info@jbsoftware.com


Faced with a rising tide of payment methods and requirements, financial services companies are turning to new technologies to better manage payments and other transactions through the financial supply chain. J&B Software is a premier provider of enterprise-wide transaction and payment system solutions and integration services for multi-channel processors, and continues to provide market-leading automated payments, transaction processing and management systems to over 165 organizations. Our application suite ranges from industry-leading solutions for BOC, remote image capture, ARC and Check 21-image exchange, as well as core applications for wholesale and retail lockbox, full-page forms processing, transaction archive, and on-line customer query.




Metavante Image Solutions is a proven industry leader in helping organizations successfully transition from paper to image processing and electronic payments, providing the worlds most comprehensive end-to-end check image, image exchange, and document and report management solutions. Metavante Image Solutions is a division of Metavante Corporation and includes the operations of four affiliates, AFS, VECTORsgi, the Endpoint Exchange Network, and TREEV. Metavante Image Solutions provides distributed image capture across all points-of-presentment, turnkey and best-of-breed Day 1 and Day 2 check imaging solutions, innovative image archive and browser-based document management solutions, and the countrys most versatile check image exchange network.

Unisys Corporation

Contact: Nancy Outen

Unisys provides full-service business process outsourcing services, solutions, and technology, specializing in secure payment processing solutions. We manage complex, large-scale projects in high-transaction environments. We forge strong client relationships. We deliver promised outcomes. Its what we
do best. So you can do what you do best. Well process virtually all of your payments, paper and electronic, with a bias towards efficiently processing exceptions and maximizing float. We are the only payment processing experts who build our own software, hardware, and networks. Unisys can help your organization significantly lower the cost of payment processing while maintaining high performance and customer satisfaction.


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